Norman Lebrecht is a prominent cultural commentator, broadcaster and award-winning novelist.

He has written 12 books about music, which have been translated into 17 languages. Among them are The Maestro Myth, Who Killed Classical Music and Why Mahler? (see Books).

Norman Lebrecht’s first novel The Song of Names won a Whitbread (now Costa) Award in 2003. It is presently being filmed for international release in 2019 (see News for details). His second novel, The Game of Opposites,was published by Pantheon Books.

His next non-fiction work, Genius and Anxiety, will be published later in 2019 by Scribner in the US and Oneworld in the UK.

US: Anchor Books

Two collections of Lebrecht essays have been published in China, the first such anthologies by any western cultural writer. A Lebrecht column appears in The Spectator.

Slipped Disc, Norman Lebrecht’s blog, is the world’s #1 cultural news and views site, drawing 1.5 million readers every month.

Norman Lebrecht lectures at cultural institutions and leading universities.